Unless you are one of the elite few, who inherit a hundred year estate from your ancestors, studies show that you will move house an average of 8 times during your lifetime. Career development, marital reasons and a general search for the better life are just some of the reasons why people relocate to different areas. Whatever the cause for your relocation, moving can is a stressful time fraught with concerns about getting your family and belongings safely to the new premises in one piece. One of the things you can outsource and ease the burden is end of tenancy cleaning. Tenancy agreements dictate that you must leave the premises you are vacating in the same good condition you found them in. a team of cleaners from Citi Clean can help you restore your house to its original condition and ensure that you get back your security deposit from your landlord. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider using an end of tenancy cleaning service;

1. To save on time

Moving from one house to another means that you will have your hands full packing, monitoring the loading of your belongings into the movers truck to avoid damage and ensuring that everything gets safely to the new house. Many times, you will be too time strapped to clean the house you are leaving to meet the standards your landlord expects. This is where a cleaning team from Citi Clean comes in handy as they have the expertise and experience to handle all types of cleaning jobs, leaving you free to concentrate on other moving tasks and saving you valuable time that you can spend setting up in the other venue.

2. Cost effectiveness

Hiring a team of cleaners from Citi Clean means that you do not have to spend money on cleaning supplies or have money deducted from your security deposit by your landlord in order to pay for cleaning services. You can choose the most cost effective service provider for your budget without having an expensive cleaning service foisted on you by a third party.

3. Stress free moving

Handing the task of cleaning your house upon vacating it to a cleaning team frees you up to concentrate on other crucial moving tasks without having to worry whether you will have time to clean it to the standards expected by your landlord.

4. Experience and expertise

A professional end of tenancy cleaning service is familiar with the ins and outs of getting a house back to tip top shape, so you can hand over this task to them with the knowledge that they will do an exemplary job and handle many tasks that you may not have been aware needed doing.

5. Get back your security deposit

Many tenants have been forced to forfeit their security deposit or receive a considerably smaller sum than the amount they paid if they are unable to clean the premises due to time constraints or do not manage to clean it to the standards that the landlord expects. With a professional cleaning service by your side, you will be able to leave your house in pristine condition and be in a position to claim any monies due you from your landlord.

The right end of tenancy cleaning service will ensure that your house is in great condition after you leave, and make it easier for you to seamlessly move into your new home without worrying that you have left any cleaning tasks undone in your former premises.