9 Effective End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

Everybody feel excited while moving towards the new house or residence as it will bring a novel pleasant change in his or her life and give him or her new enthusiasm. However, before leaving your rented house or apartment your foremost priority must be to do “The end of tenancy cleaning”. Detailed and comprehensive cleaning of each portion of the apartment is very crucial for you, as it will assist you in getting back your tenancy deposit. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to get it back.

Comprehensive cleaning of the residence is a tiring and tense task for both the tenants and the proprietor. The tenant needs to repair and replace all the damaged items before leaving the residence. He must make ensure that the residence should be clean and hygiene just like when they came into it. Leaving any damaged thing or unclean house will cost you double therefore; tenant must give sufficient time to end of tenancy cleaning so that everything is done in a smooth and perfect way. In this article, we will provide you 9 effective tips to perform end of tenancy cleaning so that you can perform detailed cleaning effortlessly and with perfection.

Who is responsible to make the end of the tenancy cleaning decision?

Your proprietor cannot force you to hire any particular end of the tenancy cleaning company and other related decisions. You are free to make decisions about the end of the tenancy cleaning company. It is totally up to you whether you want to hire a company for this task or perform it by yourself. Hiring a professional team for the end of tenancy cleaning is a bit expensive and costly. Therefore, we recommend you to do the cleaning by yourself, as it is economical and cost-effective. It also reduces your tension and stress as you clean everything up to the required standard.

How to start the end of tenancy cleaning

First of all, you need to communicate with your landlord and the agent to seek guidance about the cleaning and request for the inspection checklist. This list makes the task easier as you have a clear outline of the work to be done. After getting the list, you need to prioritize the tasks and start cleaning the things and portion of the residence that are more significant.

We are providing you the effective tips to clean the most crucial and important items and a portion of residence:

1.     Kitchen

Clear all the cupboards and shelves by removing all the items. Make sure to remove all the crumbs and clean all the stains thoroughly by using a soggy fabric. After that, take out all the electronic appliances and clean the whole area in detail. Exhaustively clean all the appliances such as washing machines, microwave oven, refrigerator, drying cabinets, dishwasher, etc. Remove all the stains and filth from the washing machine and dishwasher by cleaning them from inside and outside. However, after cleaning all the parts of the refrigerator, such as trays, shelves, cabinets etc., keep the doors open to avoid mold and mildew while switching off the electric supply. Perform the same approach to clean other appliances with similar functionality.

The most important and tiring task is to clean the microwave oven, as it is usually the dirtiest appliance in the house because we generally do not clean it on a regular basis. Moreover, it is the first thing to be inspected. The removal of grease, filth, grime deposits, burnt food stains etc. is very crucial for cleaning the over however it is usually time-consuming task as they do not easily detach from the surface. Lemon along with vinegar is very effective for the removal of grease and stains. However, most of the time some minor spots remain there therefore, you must you oven-cleaning products available products such as Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner Cleaning Paste, Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner, Oven Brite oven cleaner etc. These products efficiently remove the dirt and stain from the oven within a few minutes. In addition to that, these products are cost-effective and everyone can easily afford them.

2.     The Living Room

The living room is one of the most important and used portions of the house. Extensive dusting is the main task to perform. Do extensive vacuuming of the sofas and carpets. Consult professionals in case stains don not remove from sofa and carpet. There are various carpet and sofa cleaner sprays and liquids such as OxiClean, Vanish carpet cleaner etc. in the market to remove the stains from the carpet and sofa. Clear all the cabinets, cupboards, coffee tables, sofa tables, bookcases and drawers. Remove all the decoration pieces, paintings, plants, curtains, chairs and cushions and clean that area thoroughly. Polish the furniture after cleaning.  It seems like an easy task but it is the most time consuming and hectic task.

3.     Bathroom

Wipe everything in the bathroom including sink, toilet, bathtub, mirror, sink basin, faucet, shower, tiles, door, etc. Pay more attention to faucets and shower to remove mold, soap impurity and black specks. You can use lemon and vinegar to remove the stains and spots. However, if any stain left then you can use the chemical products. There is a vast variety of products to assist you to handle such work. Many sprays and liquid solutions are available that make this task easy. You just need to apply the solution to the affected area and clean the surface after a few minutes. Clean the holes of the showerhead so that it works properly. Scan all the plugholes, drains and pipes to make sure that there is no blockage and water leakage and water seamlessly flows through them.

4.     Stairs and Corridors

Mostly people clean the stairs and the staircase frequently but do not pay attention to the concealed corners. Therefore, you need to clean those hidden parts and railing of the stairs. Remove the rug from the stairs if you are using it and clean the stairs extensively. In addition to that, clean the corridors and balcony of the residence. It is not an easy task to clean these areas, as you have to pay attention to even minor things.

5.     The Furniture

Dust and vacuum all the furniture of the house especially when you have pets and kids. Wash the furniture by using dry washing products. There are many specialized products for each type of furniture such as wooden furniture, leather sofas, etc. Make sure that no stain of tea or coffee remains on the table, sofa or chair. Another thing to remember there should no unpleasant smell and hair over the furniture especially on the sofas, cushions and bed.

6.     Windows

Clean all the windows properly from inside and outside. Seek the help of a professional window cleaner if you are unable to clean the outside part of the window. Clean all the parts of the window that is glass, railing, frame, mullion, sill and jam by using proper techniques and approaches. Use chemical products or vinegar to clean the window with a smooth cloth. Along with that, wash the curtains of the windows. Repair the damaged parts of the window like frame, glass, lock stile etc. Make sure to clean the window appropriately, as most owners pay more attention to windows.

7.     Walls

Scan the walls properly to find grazes, scratches, and scrapes on them. Wash these entire scuff marks them off. Paint the wall using the same color in case the scratches and marks are not rinsed. It is better to paint the wall if there are a large number of graze marks and scratches. Otherwise, your owner will do it and all expenses will be deducted from your deposit. You should use the same strategy for the ceilings, store area and other portions.

8.     Fans and Air-conditioner

The cleaning of fans and air-conditioners is very important at the end of tenancy cleaning. Dust and clean the fans, air-conditioners, electric lights, and exhaust fans. Seek the help of professionals for cleaning of the air-conditioner, as it is a complex task. You just need a ladder and a broom to clean these items. It is an easy task compared to other cleaning tasks.

9.     Outdoor portion

You must pay attention to the cleaning of the exterior portion of the resistance such as lawn, garage, pathway, etc. The most hectic and difficult task is to clean the garage as there are many grease marks, clutter, junk, cobweb and unpleasant smell of diesel or petrol. Remove all the grease marks, clutter and junk by using different suitable products. Use odors to remove the toxic and unpleasant small. In addition to that, you have to clean the lawn. Pick up the dry leaves, cut the grass of the lawn, and maintain the flowerbed.

By using these tips and the inspection checklist as guidance, you will be able to do the end of tenancy cleaning effectively and efficiently and surely get your deposit back. By meeting these guidelines, you will prevent various different issues that generally occur during the end of tenancy cleaning.