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Common End of Tenancy Cleaning Questions, Tips and Advices

End of Tenancy Cleaning Near me

It’s a general belief that cleaners who are local would most likely perform better as they know the area, but that’s not always the case. People are typing in search engines End of Tenancy Cleaning near me with the desire to find a local company that would provide cleaners who are living locally. However, London is a big city with excellent transport links and people can travel easily to all parts of the city, hence it’s more important the company that you hire rather than searching for end of tenancy cleaning near me.

Please also note that most of the cleaning staff would be living in the outskirts of the city in search for paying cheaper rent, rather than renting a property in more affluent part of the city where most of the customers are coming from. But not to worry. It really makes no difference as to whether your cleaners live locally. End of tenancy cleaning near me might be an option for people who are looking for personal interaction and possibly visit the cleaning company’s office so that they can discuss their needs in person. Other than that, look for a professional company which has been in the business for many years that has accumulated significant knowledge. This is more important than typing end of tenancy cleaning near me in the search engines.

We at Citi Clean of course are looking to find the best cleaners that live in close proximity for the convenience of the customer and for the cleaner. This is especially important in order to improve on punctuality. End of Tenancy Cleaning near me is something that we focus on. Rest assured that we are doing our best to source local cleaners. As a long-established business operating for more than a decade, we have built up strong relationships with many cleaning operatives that are familiar with our brand name which stands for professionalism, honesty and equal opportunities. We at Citi Clean also develop new techniques and procedures so that our team is efficient and reliable. Our in-house training enables our staff to develop new skills and attributes that can benefit the customer.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services 

What do we mean by End of Tenancy Cleaning Services? For most people that haven’t heard or dealt with an end of tenancy cleaning service, this is generally a cleaning service that is required from your landlord or estate agents when you leave your rented premises. Don’t confuse the general cleaning with an end of tenancy cleaning. In this service the cleaning would be much more thorough focusing on all the areas in the property. See below a short end of tenancy cleaning checklist just to get a glimpse of what would be required.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

  1. Kitchen – all appliances to be cleaned inside and out including the oven, cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave, extractor fan, washing machine, dishwasher. Further, all cupboards need to be wiped and on top of the kitchen cupboards as well. Please note that most companies would not offer defrosting of your freezer. The freezer needs to be defrosted before the team arrives so that can be cleaned too.
  2. Bathroom – descaling the shower screen, cleaning the toilet, wiping tiles, removing mould where possible, cleaning of mirrors leaving no smear marks. Please note that some mould areas would not be possible to be removed such as build up mould on ceiling and mould that’s imbedded in the grouting.
  3. Lounge/Reception rooms – dusting behind and under the sofa, wiping the skirting boards, wiping the TV’s, game console, speakers. Cleaning the windows internally. Light fittings to be dusted, as well as light switches. Please note that if your sofa is heave and difficult to move you may need to help the cleaning lady to move it so that it can be cleaned behind it.
  4. Bedroom – clean under and behind the bed, wipe inside the wardrobe and on top of the wardrobe if possible. Skirting boards to be dusted, blinds, light fittings, pictures etc. Please note that the cleaning lady may need additional help with moving the bed so that can be cleaned.
  5. Hallway/Stairs – skirting boards, stairs, light fittings, pictures to be dusted. Here the cleaners would have normally paid a particular attention to the edges to ensure there isn’t any dust left.

The end of tenancy cleaning checklist above is for general guidance only for you to get an idea of what will be done for an end of tenancy cleaning. As you can see this type of cleaning is much more in depth comparing to the general domestic cleaning. The regular domestic cleaning would not normally include deep cleaning the oven, cleaning behind and under furniture, descaling the bathroom etc. Domestic cleaning is generally tidying up the property and dusting everywhere. It can however include some additional items such as kitchen appliances but that would cost more.

Please note that generally the cleaning companies would not normally clean the walls. This is because when treated the walls can be damaged, especially if the paint is not washable. If you have marks on the walls you need to mention this to the cleaning company prior to making a booking so that they can tell you whether cleaning the walls can be done. Normally, it’s quite difficult to provide a price for this type of task as this would ultimately depend on the amount of marks and how many walls you have for cleaning. We would generally advice if your walls are badly marked to have them painted.

The End of Tenancy Cleaning Services evolved from the need of cleaning the occupied property after tenancy. The city of London is a very busy place and people often don’t have enough time to clean the property themselves, let alone maintain it in good condition. That’s why the landlords and estate agents insist on more thorough cleaning as normally the rented properties are left in a mess. Don’t get confused as why this service is much more expensive that a regular cleaning. Apart from cleaning the property extensively, this service normally comes with a guarantee of typically 72h. This is to ensure that you will be able to get your deposit in full and that if there are any issues raised you will be able to notify the cleaning company.

Please also note that the estate agents or landlords would insist on hiring their recommended cleaning companies. Don’t be fooled and check your rental agreement whether this is obligatory. In most cases you should be the one choosing the end of tenancy cleaning company and comparing different prices. Your landlord and estate agents shouldn’t insist on their cleaning company as in most cases they may earn a small commission as well. We would advise you to compare the prices for an end of tenancy cleaning and check the cleaning company credibility and experience. Citi Clean has been operating for more than a decade and can provide you with tailored end of tenancy cleaning service to suit all individual needs. We believe that our prices are very competitive for what we offer, and we also provide 72h return policy guarantee to ensure additional piece of mind.

End of Tenancy Cleaners London

 Who are the end of tenancy cleaners? These are normally cleaning operatives responsible for your end of tenancy cleaning. End of Tenancy Cleaners London is not an easy job. Most of the rented properties, especially in the city are neglected and left in bad condition. Nevertheless, the property will be checked at the end of the tenancy and will be most likely judged on level of cleanliness. To get a messy property ready for an inspection is not an easy task. The end of tenancy cleaners will work very hard to ensure your property will pass inspection successfully.

End of Tenancy Cleaners London can save you a lot of troubles. If you haven’t done an end of tenancy cleaning before you wouldn’t know how time consuming and difficult this task is. It would require a lot of work and attention to detail. Yes, that’s right! Attention to detail is very important since you will have to ensure that all the corners and hidden place are cleaned too. For example, on top of kitchen cupboard, behind and under furniture, window sills and ledges, light fittings and switches. Trust us when we say that end of tenancy cleaners can save you a lot of headache.

When relocating there are many factors to consider and generally it’s a lot of work and stress. If you haven’t hired a removal company you will need to pack everything yourself, including furniture belongings, clothes etc. The last thing you want to be doing at the end of the moving process is to clean the whole property by yourself. Free some valuable time and hire end of tenancy cleaners London. These cleaners will transform your property ready for an inspection.

End of Tenancy Cleaners London are insured, vetted and professionally trained so that they can provide you with impeccable service. Our in-house training includes knowledge of cleaning materials, customer support, property awareness etc. End of Tenancy Cleaners London operatives would normally live locally and would be familiar with your area. This would also improve punctuality. Some end of tenancy cleaners may live a bit further, but not to worry, it’s mostly important the experience and knowledge of the End of Tenancy Cleaners London for your end of tenancy cleaning.

To be able to pass an inspection successfully, you need the help of End of Tenancy Cleaners London. In this way you will be able to pass your inspection and your landlord will not deduct money from your deposit. Some of the common concerns we have had from customers are the level of English of the cleaning team. Please note that some cleaners will not be able to speak fluently, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the work required. Most of the End of Tenancy Cleaners London will be working on daily basis only providing an end of tenancy cleaning service. Their vast experience is much more important than their level of English. We have had cleaners with basic speaking skills but providing an excellent cleaning service. Our experience shows that, hence the reason of us sharing this information here. Experience always speaks better than perception. We would also advise you to be patient with the end of tenancy cleaners. At first they may not look like someone who will clean your property to perfection but trust us on saying that most of the cleaners are doing this as a full-time job.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison

 We would also like to mention the End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison as we believe that it’s important for you to compare between different cleaning companies and choose the one that suits you best. End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison would involve many different aspects of the cleaning process such as: rating, reviews, prices, location coverage, etc. Please be aware when you do your End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison. Some companies may provide you with very cheap quotes for an end of tenancy cleaning but don’t get fooled and choose wisely. Some providers out there are not even registered limited companies, hence are able to provide you with cheap quotes. However, bear in mind that you will need a receipt to show to your landlord or estate agent as a proof of having professional cleaning service done at your property. These individuals would not be able to provide you with a professional receipt, since they are not limited companies but, in most cases, single self-employed person.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison can take some time to be conducted. You will need to make a careful research comparing different quotes and companies. When you have selected a company to perform your end of tenancy cleaning, ensure that you have a list of questions that you would like to ask before making a reservation. There will be definitely questions that you may forget, hence the reason to write them all down so that you can be prepared when you call the company.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison is also quite evident in cities like London where you can find many different providers. The city of London is vast and not all companies cover the whole of London even the Greater London. Of course, you can focus on choosing someone locally, but we would advise you to focus on quality and expertise rather than selecting local cleaning company. There is one comparing website out there for an end of tenancy cleaning which we recommend. Simply visit and fill in your details. This End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison website will provide you with up to 5 different cleaning quotes from reputable end of tenancy cleaning companies so that you can compare instantly. We find this amazing as you get up to 5 different quotes by filling only one simple form. Please feel free to share with us any other price comparing website or alternative way for an End of Tenancy Cleaning Comparison.

End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning 

Ok, most customer get confused here. What is meant by End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning? Well, if your rented property is carpeted you are most likely obligated to steam clean the carpets professionally. We are not talking about simply vacuuming. We mean steam cleaning using professional carpet cleaning equipment. The steam cleaning method is a preferred method for cleaning carpets by landlords or estate agents as this is the most powerful method of cleaning your carpets and surely many of your stains will disappear.

As a word of advice, ask the cleaning company what type of carpet cleaning equipment they use. Some of the most famous brands for professional carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning materials are: Prochem and Ashbys. And please don’t hire that silly thing called Rug Doctor. It will damage your carpets more than it will clean them. In our experience people have complaint a lot about using Rug Doctor after which they book professional carpet cleaning service performed by real carpet cleaning machines.

Furthermore, if your landlord or estate agent ask you to explain the carpet cleaning method hired and what machine was used, if you tell them you have hired a Rug Doctor you will not pass your end of tenancy cleaning inspection. And, hey with Rug Doctor you will only be saving few quid compared to booking a professional carpet cleaning. So, the conclusion is not to bother cleaning your carpets yourself as you will need industrial carpet cleaning equipment but hire a professional end of tenancy carpet cleaning from a reputed cleaning provider.

We would also like to share with you a little bit of information on the process of carpet cleaning. There are normally 3 steps performed on your carpets. First is to vacuum the carpets properly, then it comes the steam cleaner, and finally the carpets can be sprayed for anti-stain protection. If you wonder how long it takes the carpets to dry, typically takes between 3-4 hours that would also depend on the weather and humidity. Some end of tenancy carpet cleaning companies may use heaters to decrease the drying time, other will leave the carpets to dry naturally. You can ask this the cleaning company to get a better idea of drying times and methods used. Word of caution! Please note that not all carpets can be steam/wet cleaned. Some carpets are not wet tolerant such as seagrass carpets. Some landlords fit seagrass carpets thinking that they are more durable, but they are not, especially when we talk about rented properties.

This type of carpets is generally very difficult to clean and can stain very easily. If you happen to have this kind of carpet fitted in your accommodation you need to notify the cleaning company so that they can confirm that these carpets can be dry cleaned by them. Not all end of tenancy carpet cleaning companies would offer dry cleaning as its less know method for cleaning carpets and less effective. If seagrass carpet is being treated with steam cleaning it can cause shrinkages and would ultimately damage the carpet.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Book Online 

We would like to emphasize on the ability to book an End of Tenancy Cleaning online without even needing to call. With most of the cleaning service providers you will be able to complete End of Tenancy Cleaning Book Online. Of course, if you prefer to talk to someone you can, but it’s much easier and more convenient to simply book an end of tenancy cleaning online. If you have many questions or if you are not familiar with the service, we would advise you to call the company and ask the questions relative to your needs.

By calling you will be able to ask many questions such as availability, prices, additional services etc. Ensure that you are aware of whether a professional carpet steam cleaning is required. Generally, if your rented property is carpeted, the carpet areas need to be steam cleaned. This needs to be done using professional carpet cleaning equipment, not some silly carpet cleaning equipment such as Rug Doctor. Remember you won’t pass your inspection of you tell your landlord that you have cleaned your carpets using a Rug Doctor. It needs to be professional cleaning equipment.

Other important questions you may ask is to whether the cleaning includes external areas such as balconies and external windows. As an end of tenancy cleaning you are not normally required to clean your windows externally nor the balcony as some balconies would require pressure washer. But you need to check this with your landlord or estate agents and also look into your tenancy agreement. Most end of tenancy cleaning companies would charge you extra for cleaning the balcony and external windows, hence ensure that you notify them and provide as much as possible information so that you can be quoted properly.

Another very common question to ask a cleaning company is cleaning the walls. Please note that wall cleaning is delicate and most of the cleaning companies would decline this request. This is because when you try to clean the wall and apply a cleaning product the paint can be damaged. Especially if your paint is not washable it will be damaged immediately. Some simple scratches we would advise you to try to clean it yourself by taking extra precautions.

We had customers asking to clean the garden and remove rubbish. Please note that this is not included in end of tenancy cleaning. If you have a lot of rubbish to be thrown away, you may need to engage a junk removal company so that they can come and collect the rubbish for you. The cleaning company would not normally have the capacity to throw away a large quantity of rubbish. The garden is another common area that customers are enquiring about, but this is completely different service altogether and has nothing to do with an end of tenancy cleaning. If your garden is messy you need to look for a garden company. Again, you need to check this with your landlord of whether you are required to tidy the garden.

These are some of the most common questions asked by customers apart from prices and availability. We would advise you to prepare a list of questions before calling the cleaning company. If you are familiar with the service and your rented property is straightforward process you can simply complete End of Tenancy Cleaning London Book Online.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Guarantee 

This is another very common topic we would like to discuss. Undoubtedly, the cleaning guarantee is some of the most asking questions. What does that mean? Simply put the End of Tenancy Cleaning Guarantee is set for a limited time, typically from couple of days to a week. This would ultimately depend on the cleaning company. We would advise you to check the length of the cleaning guarantee and notify the cleaning company of any issues within the deadline given. Some customers believe that the cleaning service carries unlimited guarantee and that they can complain even after a month the service has taken place. Be aware that due to the nature of this service, a guarantee of a month or more can’t be given due to the fact that dust can accumulate if the property has been unoccupied for a long time. As much as the cleaning companies will be willing to help you, their cleaning staff will also complain if they have to perform a re-clean service over the guarantee period. The cleaning companies will have an agreement with the cleaning staff that if the customer complaints within the given guarantee period, they are obligated to return and perform a re-clean.

Generally, the problems occur from your inventory clerk or estate agents delaying their report on the level of cleanness. The report shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to reach you and you should be notified on time so that concerns can be raised with the cleaning company. Most of the complaints we receive are within our guarantee period so that we can progress with arranging a free re-clean. In some rare cases, agencies provide reports older than a month in which a cleaning company can’t provide a free re-clean service. We would advise you to check the amount of time required from your agency to send you the report. Insist on receiving it as soon as possible so that you can notify the cleaning company on time.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices 

Another very common topic is: How much you should be paying for your end of tenancy cleaning? Well, that would depend on many factors such as: property size, location, day of cleaning, etc. All cleaning companies provide different prices based on what’s important to them such as experience, proximity, equipment etc. The trick is to find a cleaning company that would provide an excellent service for a reasonable price. You may have to perform a research to be able to achieve this. Ensure that you compare several different cleaning companies and speak to them to get an idea of professionalism. Please see below an average cost for an end of tenancy cleaning services:

1-Bedroom flat/house – £110/120- £125/135

2-Bedroom flat/house- £130/140 – £145/155

3-Bedroom flat/house- £160/170 – £180/190

4-Bedroom flat/house – £170/180 – £190/200

The prices above are for an end of tenancy cleaning only. If you require additional services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning the prices will increase. For carpet cleaning you need to inform the cleaning company which rooms are carpeted? For example, bedroom (single, double), lounge, hallway, stairs (how many).

To get a price for upholstery cleaning you need to provide the following information: how many seater is your sofa, do you have an armchair or table chairs? Leather sofas are not normally cleaned for an end of tenancy cleaning as the cleaning companies would use the steam cleaning method for cleaning upholstery which is not suitable for leather.

Please note that the estate agents would normally offer you their preferred provider, however it will be much more expensive as they might be trying to earn a commission. If it’s not obligatory, we would advise you to search for a cleaning company yourself using Google or through recommendation. The cleaning company you will find yourself more likely will be much better than the one recommended to you by your estate agent or landlord. Please also ensure that you book your service in advance and avoid last minute bookings as you might be paying a surcharge.

Another advice we can give you is to avoid cleaning ads on Gumtree as they are normally from self-employed people who would not be able to provide you with an official receipt which you can use as proof of hiring professional cleaning company. Further, many of the Gumtree ads are scams and will be very difficult to find a genuine cleaning team that can provide reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. Be aware that the end of tenancy cleaners supplied by a reputable cleaning company are insured, vetted, and trained. Compare prices and avoid the ones that are too cheap from the general quotes you have received. Those that offer unrealistically cheap prices are often scams or performed by people without insurance or adequate training. The last thing you will need when you are moving out is to deal with some unreliable cleaners with unknown background.

From our experience, customers at times find the end of tenancy cleaning prices to be expensive but don’t get confused with regular domestic cleaning prices. The regular domestic cleaning service would not complete even half of what the end of tenancy cleaners will do. In end of tenancy cleaning, there are specific areas which would require more in-depth attention such as the oven, cooker, extractor fan, removing limescale from taps, shower heads/screens/toilets etc. There are many areas which will not be cleaned in regular domestic cleaning, hence the increase in price. And yes, your regular domestic cleaners would not know how to perform an adequate end of tenancy cleaning if she/he hasn’t done it before. End of tenancy cleaning is much more than simply wiping off dust from surfaces. Follow our steps as we speak from experience.

End of Tenancy Cleaning during COVID -19

The pandemic COVID-19 has hit many businesses across all sectors including the cleaning industry. The world is not the same anymore. The government is trying to find the best way to balance between saving lives and the economy, but it has been proven extremely difficult and as a result many business and people have suffered. Many cleaning companies are trying to adapt to the new and challenging environment by implementing PPE equipment and social distancing measures. Customers and staff safety are of paramount importance and precautions have been taken to reduce the risk of spread of the disease. To combat the disease, we have introduced Anti-Viral Sanitisation service which will remove 99,999% of all harmful bacteria. Since its launch this service has proven to be very successful. We are glad to be helping people fighting the disease by providing safe environment.

We are following the latest government advice and guidance to ensure safety delivery of the service. Further, updates will be provided on the website so please stay tuned and read out latest information on the topic. We are open for suggestions too, please get in touch with us should you have any comments. We are all ears at Please stay safe during these challenging times.