end of tenancy cleaning questions

Frequently asked End of Tenancy Cleaning Questions and Answers

Is professional cleaning required at end of tenancy?

Many tenants who are renting for the first time would probably ask themselves this question. We know that it can be bothersome to have to think about not cleaning but professionally cleaning your property. Can you do it yourself? Partly, yes but note that you will be much more likely to miss certain things to be able to deliver your property in the right way so that can pass inspection. Please also be aware that at the end of your tenancy an inspection will be carried out and will flag out anything wrong including the level of cleanness. Do you want to go through all this hassle yourself? Well, that will be up to you to decide, but from our experience we have hardly seen someone to perform professional end of tenancy cleaning themselves successfully.

Further, if you live in shared accommodation you can simply split the fare between the tenants and it’s not going to cost that much, especially for larger properties with many occupants. As you can imagine, larger properties are much more difficult to clean and as such will unlikely pass an inspection successfully. Therefore, it makes sense to hire someone else to do the job for you. The reason behind needing professional end of tenancy cleaning at the end of your tenancy is that in the past many landlords had horrible experiences of having to deal with messy properties and tenants. Some properties were so badly neglected that the landlord had to rebuild the whole place again. From painting the property to changing kitchen appliances and furniture. To avoid this enormous hassle, the landlords insist on having a tenancy agreement with many responsibilities for the tenant and one of the main responsibilities is to deliver the property in the same way that’s been given.

On the other hand, when you move in as a tenant you need to ensure that the property has been given to you in excellent condition and of course a professional end of tenancy cleaning being completed prior to your move in. You need to check extensively that the property has been cleaned thoroughly everywhere and insist that the landlord presents you with the cleaning receipt from the cleaning company that cleaned the property. Then you can call the cleaning company to verify that they have actually cleaned it and you can ask them exactly what has been done. Some services such as professional carpet steam cleaning are difficult to tell whether they have been performed and you can ask the cleaning company if this service was included as when you are moving out you will be asked to clean the carpets professionally as well.

How much can a landlord charge for an end of tenancy cleaning?

From our experience we can tell you that some landlords insist on using their recommended cleaning company but please bear in mind that quite often this recommended company could be very expensive to the one you will be able to find yourself. You need to check your tenancy agreement whether is compulsory to use your landlord recommended cleaning company and whether you can choose your own. Generally, you should be able to find a cleaning company yourself since you will be paying for the service, but the landlord may decide to be difficult when it comes down to checkout and inspection. They may insist on further cleaning for some reason, but don’t worry most end of tenancy cleaning companies offer a guarantee, and the normal period is 72h. Speak to your landlord and ask them how long it will take for them to let you know of any problems so that you can notify the cleaning company on time. This is very important as some inventory companies intentionally delay the results from their report, and you could be stuck with the possibility of arranging a re-clean. Further, should there be any problems occurred after the cleaning process your landlord should give you the opportunity to contact the cleaning company to arrange a re-clean. It happened before when the landlord decides to hire its own cleaning company following the failure to pass cleaning inspection and the landlord then want to pass this bill to you. We are not sure that this is right since you need to be given an opportunity to rectify any outstanding issues, rather than simply receiving a hefty bill.

As we have mentioned already, please be aware of how much the landlord wants to charge you for an end of tenancy cleaning and quickly compare this bill with your own research for similar service. Generally, the landlord will provide you with much higher fee than you can find yourself. Search and educate yourself of your rights after you hire a cleaning company. It’s very important as well to find out how long it will take the inspection report and your possibility to rectify any issues. If you know these and by following your rights you shouldn’t be in a position of paying higher than what you would normally pay for this service.

Do tenants have to pay for professional end of tenancy cleaning?

As a tenant you are responsible for paying the bills, council tax etc. and of course the end of tenancy cleaning. This should work in two ways. It’s believed that your landlord had arranged professional end of tenancy cleaning prior to your move in and basically you should return that favour and present the property in the same condition that you have received it. Some landlords may have contacts with cleaning companies they have worked with, but this shouldn’t be insist on since the recommended cleaning companies will more likely cost higher than what you can find yourself. Therefore, you will need to clean the property professionally by hiring a cleaning company. The landlord or estate agent may not agree that you clean your property yourself and they will 100% insist on seeing a receipt to prove that you have hired a professional cleaning company to clean the property.

You might be asking how much should I pay for such a service? Well, that will depend on many factors, mainly the property size, condition and the area its located. You would also need to find out whether you need to add any additional services such as carpet and upholstery steam cleaning. This will further increase the price. Your best bet is to compare between few companies to get an idea how much you should be paying for your end of tenancy cleaning.

As we have been in this business for nearly a decade, we would recommend you search, only on trusted platforms such as Google and not use sites like Bark or Gumtree as you may find self-employed people there offering these services rather than companies. The problem with hiring someone self-employed rather than a company is that in most cases they won’t be able to provide you with a professional receipt or certificate so that you can show your landlord as a proof of having professional cleaning done at your property. This will lead to ultimately losing a chunk from your deposit as your landlord won’t believe that you have hired someone professional to clean the property. You need to be aware of this so that you don’t lose money. It’s worth it to pay a bit extra and hire a company rather than someone self-employed.

Does End of Tenancy Cleaning London Reviews matter?

Nowadays, people are using the internet to purchase almost anything from products to services. People are faced with the difficult decision to choose the best service provider that would suit their budget and also the job needs to be done professionally. But who do you trust? Obviously, when it comes down to services a word-of-mouth recommendation could be your best bet, but if you don’t have anyone to recommend you a good service provider, you will need to source it yourself. This normally happens using a search engine such as Google. On Google you can find many decent service providers operating for many years, and surely the Google’s algorithms improved over the years and can show you some of the best service providers out there.

After you have selected your preferred cleaning company you may want to check on their end of tenancy cleaning London reviews. By reading the reviews you may get an idea of what the business will be like, but don’t only trust online reviews that anyone can write. You may also have to focus on the company’s website, their attitude over the phone, their communications skills and responsiveness. You can clearly differentiate between professional or poorly managed company by looking at these simple factors. We would also advise you to look the company’s terms and conditions to find out how long they have been operating and read through the website information carefully. Most cleaning service providers will have an extensive information written on their website so that you can get an idea of what they will be providing to you and whether is a good value for money.

Does landlord have to clean before I move in the property?

This is one of the most important checks that you need to do when you move in. Check absolutely everything and ensure that the property is spotless as the landlord would insist on you returning the property in the same condition. The end of tenancy cleaning service is a costly service and as such you need to get to know it better to avoid any unnecessary deductions. We would also advise you to ask the landlord for a proof of hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. This could be a receipt, quote or a phone number. Call the cleaning company and verify with them that they have definitely cleaned the property professionally and exactly what they have done? Such as steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery, removing limescale and mould and clearing any build up dust.

At the end of your tenancy the landlord may insist on you to use his/hers own cleaning company but don’t be fooled into selecting the landlord’s recommended cleaning company as it could be much more expensive. There are many good end of tenancy cleaning companies out there and with simple search on Google surely you can find what you are looking for. Compare your results with your landlord company and see if its worth it.

How can I get my full deposit back?

Getting your full deposit back would not only depend on the end of tenancy cleaning but on many other factors such as condition of the property, damages during tenancy etc. If we talk about specifically the cleaning part of your deposit, then we can tell you that you will need a professional end of tenancy cleaning company to ensure they bring the property back to its former condition. This is your best bet for getting your deposit back. Don’t try to clean the property yourself as you might be surprised of how difficult it is to clean every corner and to clean messy oven and bathroom limescale.

Are you familiar with the cleaning products and what they can do? Do you know exactly which cleaning product to use for cleaning the oven and treating the limescale in the bathroom? These are two of the main areas that would need to be cleaned professionally. Further, do you know how to remove grease from cooker and extractor fan. Which are the most effective cleaning products for these tasks? There are so many cleaning products to choose from, but which are the most effective? These and many more such questions you will be asking yourself when you try to do the cleaning yourself. Surely, you will be overspending for unnecessary cleaning products which may end up in you bin.

Further, some tenants try to steam clean the carpet and upholstery themselves by hiring Rug doctor or other heavily advertised carpet and upholstery cleaner. But trust us on this – The Rug Doctor is not a professional cleaning of your carpets. This basic machine can help you if you still live in the property just to freshen up a bit your carpets but it’s nowhere near as powerful as the professional carpet and upholstery steam cleaning machine from Prochem that the cleaning companies use. Further, you can’t tell your landlord or estate agents that you cleaned your carpets and upholstery professionally using Rug Doctor. They won’t recognise it and will charge you for hiring professional carpet cleaning company.

As a word of advice, please also note that you should keep the property in good order throughout your tenancy. Don’t trash the property in the hope that the cleaning company can fix it all. Some badly neglected properties will be very difficult to clean and present them in a way that it will pass inspection. Further, the cleaning company may deny cleaning your property if it’s in a very bad condition. Please keep this in mind and you will not have any troubles returning your deposit in full.

If you have a garden, you will also need to present it in a good condition. Please note that the end of tenancy cleaning does not include cleaning your garden. You will have to arrange for a garden clearance company to get your garden back in shape. Any external areas are not included in the end of tenancy cleaning such as patio, balconies, external window cleaning etc. You may have to call separate companies to provide you with patio cleaning with jet washing, external window cleaning where a long pole is required and gardening services if needed.

What exactly the end of tenancy cleaners London do?

The end of tenancy cleaners London will come fully equipped to clean your property thoroughly ready for inspection. The end of tenancy cleaning involves cleaning the whole property internally including all rooms such as: kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge, hallways, and stairs. Each of these areas would require a specific attention and knowledge of what needs to be done. Further, you need to be familiar with the cleaning products that need to be used to treat grease, limescale, burnt out marks etc. Therefore, a wise course of action is to hire End of Tenancy Cleaners London. In this way you will not have to worry about all these tasks that are mostly unknown.

The end of tenancy cleaners London will follow a specific end of tenancy cleaning checklist, which is quite comprehensive usually drawn to adhere to the specifications of estate agents and landlords. Completing the tasks in the checklist will ensure that you will be able to get your full deposit back. Ensure that you compare the cleaning checklist of the cleaning company to the one from the estate agents. In that way you can be certain that all tasks required from your estate agents will be covered. It’s worth mentioning that most of the cleaning companies would not clean walls as this can damage the paint if the paint is not washable.

Please also note that you need to check whether the end of tenancy cleaners are fully insured and ask the cleaning company to provide you with their certificate. You will be letting people in your property, therefore it’s prudent to ask for these insurances. Further, the end of tenancy cleaners will provide you with a guarantee which is normally for 72h. In this way you can recall the cleaners back to the property should any problems occur. Ensure that you hire a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning. Self-employed service providers will not be able to provide you with guarantee or in most cases with insurance. Therefore, avoid service providers such as Bark or Gumtree as you will find many self-employed service providers there and you will be in trouble should you need to provide receipts, insurances, guarantees etc.

Do I need an End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide?

This is one of the most important elements of your end of tenancy cleaning. You need to be familiar with the end of tenancy cleaning checklist and if you have a guide from your landlord you will need to follow it precisely. In this way you will be certain to get your full deposit back. If you don’t have a guide and don’t know where to look for and what exactly needs to be done, please have a look at our simple guide below so that you can get an idea of the scope of work required.

  1. Kitchen

We will start with the kitchen as this is normally the most problematic area for the end of tenancy cleaning. This is where you will spend most of your time cleaning all the kitchen appliances, such as oven, dishwasher, microwave, cooker, extractor fan etc. On top of that you will need to ensure that the cupboards are cleaned inside and out and also on top of the cupboards where most of the dust will accumulate. The cutlery needs to be neatly stacked and all the rest kitchenware to be put in the right place. Believe us when we say that depending on the kitchen size you could be spending several hours if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring professional end of tenancy cleaning company such as Citi Clean will not only save you time and headache but you will be much more likely to get your deposit in full.

Please also note that to clean the kitchen area and appliances is only one part of the check out process. You will need to ensure that they are not damages to any appliances the oven is fully operational, cooked, extractor fan, the cooker etc. If anything is missing or damaged will need to be replaced. If you cook regularly, please don’t leave it a mess in the hope that the cleaners will come and with a magic wand all the dirt and grease will disappear. This is not always the case. Some extremely greasy ovens and extractor fans could be so difficult to clean that the cleaners may cancel the job on the spot due to the poor condition. If you maintain the property in good order throughout your tenancy you shouldn’t have too many troubles when you are moving out.

  1. Bathroom

The bathroom is the second most important area, as it’s often quite neglected. The heavy water in UK is a prerequisite for limescale build up and many tenants avoid treating the limescale and wait until it builds up significantly. Luckily, on the market they are quite powerful limescale removals so that the limescale can be removed 100%. The end of tenancy cleaners London would know exactly which products to use so you don’t have to worry about limescale anymore. Ok, so the limescale can be removed, what about the mould? The mould is another story altogether. Its often not possible to remove mould build up in the grouting or silicone as this is imbedded.

Please also note that mould on paint and ceiling also it’s very difficult to impossible to remove. This is because most of the cleaning companies will be worried of damaging the paint. The other very important element in the bathroom is the toilet. Removing limescale below water line is generally very difficult to remove. Most cleaning companies would not agree to remove the limescale from toilet as it may have to involve scrubbing and if this is the case the surface of the toilet may be damaged. Obviously, the other elements would also require attention such as tiles, cabinets, floors, windows etc.

  1. Lounge and Reception Room

Most of you will think that cleaning the lounge or reception room is simple and straightforward task, but you might be wrong. This is because dusting equipment such as TV’s, speakers, DVD’s, games consoles etc would require a careful wipe to ensure that nothing is damaged. You will also need to move the sofa completely so that you can clean behind and under it. Skirting boards, light fittings, door frames, window frames and ledges will need to be wiped completely to remove all dust. Carpeted area if present need to be vacuumed and steam cleaned where applicable. Basically, the hardest part here is to move the furniture around clean behind and under them and put them back in place. If you have wooden floors be careful when moving the sofa to avoid any scratches which will be difficult to remove.

  1. Bedroom

Similar to the lounge and reception area here you will have to move furniture around such as bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers. The bed will be tricky to move around especially if its heavy. If one cleaning lady has attended to clean your property you may have to give her a hand as she may not be able to move the bed by herself. This also applies to the wardrobe as this is normally heavy to move as well. Obviously, here you will have to wipe the skirting boards, the door frames, window frames, light fittings etc. The carpet or wooden floor needs to be vacuumed or mopped. If you have carpeted bedroom you may have to steam clean it professionally, not only vacuuming. In some properties only the bedroom is carpeted and sometimes tenants think that only a simple vacuuming would be enough. However, in most of the cases the landlords or estate agents will insist on you cleaning the bedroom professionally by steam carpet cleaning. If this is the case, inform the cleaning company so that they can bring a carpet cleaning machine. Please note that minimum call out charges apply to carpet cleaning which is normally is between £40 to £50. Thus, to steam clean one bedroom only may cost you the minimum charge but this is because the cleaning company would need to bring a specific carpet cleaning machine which they wouldn’t otherwise bring.

  1. Hallways, landings, and stairs

Here there is not much to do but the most problematic area could be the carpet if your hallway or stairs are carpeted. This is because it’s highly traffic area and most tenants in London are not used to take their shoes off and all the dirt will go into the carpet. As a carpet cleaning service provider we can’t tell you how badly neglected hallways and stairs we had to clean to make them more presentable so that the tenants could obtain their deposit in full. Please bear in mind that the carpet cleaning is not a miracle service. Simply take your shoes off and maintain your carpet in a general good condition and you will see a big difference when the carpet cleaner comes to steam clean your carpets. We have discussed the dirt on the carpet but the same applies to stains. If your hallway or stairs are stained badly, the carpet cleaners will do his best but our hands could be tied at times of having to deal with very stubborn stains. And at last we would mention the common areas that need to be dusted such as skirting boards, door frames, light fittings, etc. Please don’t leave it all to the cleaning company. Maintain your property in generally good condition and you won’t have troubles obtaining your full deposit back.

We hope our interpretation of this end of tenancy cleaning guide will help you to get a better idea of what needs to be done to ensure that you will be getting your full deposit back. It’s not easy to clean your property professionally and thick all boxes. The end of tenancy cleaning would require a lot of time and effort and know how. If you have never done this before we would advise against doing this yourself. The end of tenancy cleaning services are very well priced and not that expensive for what you will be getting, hence save yourself the hassle and call in the professionals.

As a conclusion to this article we would like to thank you for taking the time of reading it. The end of tenancy cleaning is a long subject with many different small details that you would need to be aware of. It’s a fundamental part of your check-out process and it would need to be done correctly. We will touch on this subject in our future articles discussing our experiences and advises so that you can save time and money.