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How to Remove Lime Scale from the Toilet

The lavatory has come a long way. Our forefathers never had the luxury of relieving themselves in a lavish room. At some point, they had to visit a room set aside from the rest of the house due to the nature of what happened there.

But it wouldn’t make sense for us to go through the same predicament! Our toilets are now modern, and can serve as places for us to hide from reality for a while.

But the porcelain bowl faces a disgusting enemy, stains! When they start to rule the spotless surface, they transform it into an irritating and upsetting sight.

This guide, and some effort on your part, will go a long way in eradicating the unsightly and unwanted guests from your little piece of heaven.

What is lime scale?

Lime scale is basically calcium carbonate, a compound found in water that has made its way through limestone or chalk. The water picks up the minerals as it flows through. Filtration systems might be efficient in removing unwanted elements from water, but they don’t eliminate minerals completely.

When the water gets to your toilet bowl, it deposits the minerals in form of lime scale. You are also likely to notice a build-up of white powdery substances on your walls, shower heads, mirrors and taps. In the toilet, it manifests itself as unpleasant pink, orange or brown stains.

How to get rid of lime scale from the toilet

Using vinegar

There are many specialized toilet cleaners that can successfully get rid of lime scale stains, but similar results can be achieved by using white vinegar and some grease.

Vinegar is an acidic compound. The acid works up the lime scale, softening and lifting it away from the bowl surface.

It’s no secret that it is way cheaper than regular toilet cleaners.

Follow this procedure while using vinegar

  • Cover the sides of the toilet bowl with undiluted vinegar. Pour some on the base too.
  • Leave the setup for up to four hours.
  • Scrub your toilet with some more vinegar.
  • Flush the toilet to get rid of residue and stains. Rinse one more time if necessary.
  • Carry on the process of cleaning the toilet bowl until it achieves a sparkling and clean state.

Methods that might not work

Several myths surround the process of removing lime scale. These two common household items have been thought to get rid of lime scale:


Bleach is a great tool. It easily get rids of stains and is a good disinfectant. We would expect it to remove lime scale from toilets, but it just makes the stains lighter. The toilet might look clean, but the lime scale hasn’t gone away.


Word has it that pouring a bottle of cola into the toilet and leaving it overnight can get rid of lime scale. It is thought that the acidic compound found in cola dissolves all the lime scale and removes it from the surface.

Well, it doesn’t work. All you get is a lime scale stain that has a cola shade.