sofa cleaning methods

Sofa Cleaning Methods

While it’s hard to trace where the origins may have begun, sofas have made the perfect London living room centrepieces for many years. If the space is big enough, it’s almost an unwritten rule that it must be populated with a sofa.

It’s a comfortable sitting area, and if the right circumstances present themselves such as your being tired enough, it can even double as a bed. However, the cleaning aspect of it is just as important.

As you can imagine, you can’t clean your sofa like you would many other pieces of furniture that have a wooden, metallic, or glass composition. Sofas tend to be upholstered items, which changes the game entirely.

That’s why professional sofa cleaning in London is such an important practice. Below, you get to learn about several methods that can be very effective in returning your sofa to its fresh and odour-free state.

Chemical Cleaning

Seeing this title may be enough to scare you, as you begin to imagine the sheer damage that chemicals used on your sofa could cause. However, trained professionals tend to carry out sofa cleaning services, which means they are quite aware of the chemicals that fall under the potentially damaging umbrella.

Any concoction used tends to be safe for not only leather, but also for just about all other fabrics. The idea here is to create a suitable surfactant that achieves the same kind of effect soap does on you. To simplify it, when you rub soap on your body, the particles within it cause dirt to stick, which makes it easy to carry away.

Similarly, the chemical sofa cleaning process uses a dry shampoo in a method that attracts dirt and other unwanted particles. Since a true liquid is not present, there is virtually no drying time associated with this process. Feel free to have a seat as soon as the cleaners are done.

Dry Cleaning

Continuing the theme of methods that are conducive to immediate seating is that of dry cleaning. You are likely familiar with another form of dry cleaning that is typically used to restore clothing articles to a state of cleanliness.

There are suits and other items that cannot handle moisture, so this is the recommended process of preserving their quality while removing any dirt or soiling that would have taken place.

Sofa dry cleaning almost mirrors the traditional liquid-based foam cleaning process. Of course, the liquid portion of this is removed entirely. Instead, cleaning powder with a strong and appropriate chemical base tends to be sprinkled on the fabric and worked into the material at points of interest.

The said points may include soils and stains. Once the powder is settled and has bonded with the elements of the unwanted stain, a vacuum is used to suck everything away as a single unit. The lack of water and harsh chemicals makes this cleaning method applicable to a broad range of sofa fabric styles and consistencies.

Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning is essentially a not so distant relative of the previous method that sofa cleaning services may employ. As you’d likely expect, liquid is present here, which limits the number of applicable materials and extends the amount of time that must pass before the sofa is ready for normal use again.

Instead of a powdered chemical, the foam solution ends up being rubbed into the sofa material. While there are alternative ways to achieve this, most cleaners tend to work the product in by hand.

It must be allowed to rest, as the recurring theme of the cleaning solution binding to the elements to be removed must take place effectively. With the settling process complete, it is time to vacuum everything away, which leaves the familiar sight of a clean sofa.

Though the solution used requires water and may not be suitable for every fabric type, the amount of moisture is nothing extreme. Furthermore, using this method allows fine-grained control over the amount of liquid that is present in the mix.

Whenever people require sofa cleaning in London, foam cleaning tends to be among the top choices. Some do not necessarily believe in dry methods, so they are all too willing to jump at the one that uses a controlled amount of moisture.

Steam Heat Extraction Cleaning

Those who are on a budget tend to be huge fans of steam cleaning. The requirements of other alternatives go beyond those of this option, which results in a more cost-effective approach here.

Beyond the surfactant properties of chemicals, soaps, or foam, high temperatures can also play a part in the behaviour of dirt and stain particles. That’s why steam heat extraction technology is an optimal method for getting rid of unwanted blemishes on your living room’s centrepiece.

Naturally, heat converts liquid to gas, so you also get the benefit of easy removal of any moisture that would have been accumulating in the sofa.

Another tremendous benefit is the preservation of the material’s integrity. As effective as other cleaning methods may be, whenever there is moisture in the mix, concerns of fabric shrinkage begin to surface. If that is one of your main concerns, then this may be your go-to option for sofa cleaning services.

Arguments can be made that this is objectively the best option, but your best bet would be to choose based on the needs of your sofa. The entire process here can begin and end in a matter of a couple of hours, which speaks to its level of efficiency.

Carbonation Cleaning

The final method up for discussion today is carbonation cleaning. while it’s not as short as the steam option, there are carbonation cleaning jobs that run to completion in no more than four hours.

The cleaning solution features an effervescent effect, and it is only used in small quantities. Water use is present at low levels, and penetrative carbonating bubbles are sent into the fibres of your sofa by the millions.

There is proper removal from the root level, which brings everything to the surface. With that, only a simple wipe is required, and the sofa appears good as new.

It is also the only cleaning method that creates a shield, which drastically reduces the rate at which unwanted particles can progressively accumulate on your sofa. Many people who have used this method would say that it returned their sofas to factory condition.


Sofa cleaning London is done in various ways, and you were introduced to five of the most common above. As you weigh the cost of each against your needs, you should have no trouble choosing the right one.