Having your oven sparkling clean is one of the most unpleasant tasks to do but is a requirement when it comes to moving a house. Cleaning the oven is not needed only as part of an end of tenancy cleaning but for your own comfort, too. Grease can build up even if you are careful with the food you bake. Sadly, it is really hard to get a complete rid of it afterwards. It builds up inside the fan, even traps grease between the 2 glasses on the oven door and all the small bits and pieces.

There are many chemicals to be found on the market developed to fight the oven grease and dirt. On the other hand, all-natural solutions are available, too. Using a natural ingredient is always recommended when it comes to a surface that comes in a contact with food. However, they work slower than the strong chemicals but smell much better at the end. Speaking about natural stuff, the costs of it needs to be mentioned, too. It may be timely but cost effective when using natural ingredient.

End of tenancy cleaning requires complete clean of the property and all the appliances to be cleaned. The oven might be cleaned as part of the end of tenancy cleaning service or to be professionally cleaned by someone with special equipment using a specific method for cleaning ovens.

If you choose the natural way of cleaning your oven, you will need the following products:

  • Bicarbonate of soda, freshly squeezed lemon juice and white vinegar.
  • Gloves, cleaning cloth, sponge scourer
  • Empty bottle
  • Mixing bowl

After mixing the ingredients, leave them to soak well for at least 12 hours and then pour in the empty bottle. Then, spray inside of the oven, close the oven door and leave to stay for a few hours and do its magic.  Finally, scrub it well using the sponge scourer and remove all the dirt left in the oven.

In case you decide to use a chemical-based product, you will have a huge choice of them on the market. With prices starting from only from £1 to more than £10 per 1 oven cleaning product. Some cleaning ladies doing an end of tenancy cleaning swear how effective the £1 one is, whilst others prefer to use the more expensive ones. In case the oven cleaning is part of the end of tenancy clean, the oven must be sprayed with the chosen product first, just before the cleaner starts with cleaning the rest of the appliances.

Leaving no residue is another thing that needs to be considered when checking the cleanliness of the oven. Some chemicals may leave unpleasant smell, whilst using natural mixture smell nice and lemony.