cleaning lady with vacuum cleaner

Healing Power of a Clean Home

We have a lot to deal with nowadays. The daily tasks that we used to attend to have been restricted in some way. Even spending time with our family and friends is becoming difficult. Let us not even talk about a simple grocery store visit.

Do you feel like you took some things for granted? Thinking too much about it might depress and overwhelm you.
You might relate with unpredictable moods that affect your relationship with different people. One time you are dancing to tunes in your head, looking at life positively, and less than an hour later, you are almost tearing up!

What can you do to make it stop?

Cleaning is one of the easiest activities that has been observed as a saving grace. Don’t roll your eyes yet.
Think about turning your favorite music up, blocking all your inner fears and scrubbing a few surfaces till they look new. You don’t need to take care of everything. Just pick a specific room to start and activities that you can perform.

The cleaning bit might not be all roses though. But you will appreciate the final result. Once you look at a complete task, you won’t help but smile. The room will be fresh and clean…almost sparkling. And it will be all thanks to your efforts.
If you discover that you can achieve something powerful even when you are not in the best mood, you will be able to lift your spirits.

Consider drafting a simple cleaning schedule

You need a good cleaning rotation if you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning the same items repeatedly. No one has time to do that.
We drafted a simple schedule that has worked wonders for several people. Go ahead, edit it or ignore it if you don’t believe it works. For more advanced cleaning schedule you may search the internet.

Whatever you think is right for you, keep in mind that your well-being is almost as vital as your general health. Think about all the ways that you can gift yourself a smile even when it comes across as silly to other people.Assuming that Monday is the first day of your week, this is what we came up with:

Monday: Vacuuming
Tuesday: Cleaning the counters
Wednesday: Cleaning the bathrooms
Thursday: Sweeping and mopping tiles
Friday: Cleaning the sheets
Saturday: Laundry day
Sunday: You have outdone yourself, rest!

Other ideas

Consider wiping counters on a daily basis. Do the dishes while you are at it. You can access easy cleaning tips on our other posts or online. Different spaces have different needs. Being always on the move works for most places. Even writing is not as easy as it sounds. One has to sit, remove or ignore distractions, and focus for not less than half an hour. Many of us aren’t event that good with sitting.
We hope that this post helped you out. If cleaning doesn’t help you figure out a way to bring a smile to your face, think of anything else that could help you out. We will surely get out of this sticky situation.