oven cleaning methods

How to best clean your oven

Why it’s important to clean your oven?

Cleaning the oven is one of those chores that most people neglect for months. It might be obvious but the most important factor that will determine the importance of regular oven cleaning is the improvement of the quality of food you will be cooking in it. Undoubtedly, grease oven will have a negative influence on the meal you are preparing and can contaminate the ingredients. This may lead to indigestion, stomach-ache and bow movement. If you use your oven on regular basis you should clean your oven more frequently to prevent any grease build-up. We would advise you to clean your oven at least once a month. If you notice a burning smell, it would mean that some spillage is gradually burning and it would need to be wiped down.

Can I rely on the self-clean option?

Some ovens have the option to self-clean but note that will mostly work in moderate dirty ovens and could be dangerous as it could start a fire. The self-clean option in some instances can start a fire if the oven has build-up grease at the bottom. If you are going for the self-clean option ensure that you remove the racks and stay at home while cleaning takes place just in case something goes wrong.

Which cleaning products and methods should I use to clean my oven?

  • Oven Cleaner

One of the most convenient options to purchase a cleaning product for your oven is from your local shop. Oven cleaners are some of the most sought-after cleaning products and most of the convenience shops would sell them. Please note that some oven cleaning products are quite harsh and if you are sensitive to cleaning materials you should go for a more natural way of cleaning your oven.

  • Soda, Vinegar and Water

One of the best-known DIY cleaning methods is the baking soda combined with vinegar and water. This method is especially important in instances of heavy build-up grease. For this method you will need to make a paste with these ingredients and start scrubbing. Another commonly used DIY method if your oven is not so dirty is through lemon and water. Please also note that you may need rubber gloves, paper towels, sponge and scourger and a plastic bag.

  • Steam Cleaner

Another commonly used method for cleaning ovens is a steam cleaner. This method could be quite useful as it would not require the use of harsh chemicals. The high-powered steam will quickly dissolve build-up grease.

How to clean oven racks?

The oven racks are not so difficult to clean as you can simply remove and soak them. From most of the shops you can buy rack soaking kits. Please note that the cleaning fluid can be quite harsh and ensure that you wear protective gloves.

We hope you have found this article useful. We at Citi Clean include oven cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning as most cleaning companies may charge you extra for this service. For any cleaning related services and issues please contact us.