organising your home

How to Organize Your Home

Organization in any home depends on the owner’s preference. Nevertheless, there are several guidelines that can help improve the whole process.

The ideal way to start organizing your home is assessing the situation in the all storage areas. You will able to get rid of the things that you don’t need and to create space for other items that you will find as you declutter the other rooms.

Are you ready to start organizing your home? Consider the following tips for an efficient process.

  1. Storage spaces

Start by cleaning and decluttering your storage areas just like you would clear up your fridge to accommodate groceries.

Pick simple tasks such as clearing up junk drawers. Once you are done with this step, move to the closet in your hall or your basement.

To make the organization process easier, divide spaces into smaller areas. If need be, get organizational systems such as storage bins or closet organizers. These will ensure that items are stored in accessible ways.

  1. Shared spaces

Shared spaces such as bathrooms, the kitchen and living room receive the most traffic in a house. By organizing such spaces, other members in your household get to learn from your efforts.

Declutter these rooms and find an alternative storage area for the items. Work with other household members to discuss new locations for items so that everyone understands where to return the shared items once they have used them.

  1. Personal spaces

Personal spaces such as home offices, closets and bedrooms need considerable effort when it comes to organization. When considering ways to organize your closet, you need to decide whether to retain, give away or get rid of everything in your closet.

Your office might have loads of paperwork that you need to go through and decide whether to shred or file. You need to remember that you are the only person tasked with organizing personal spaces. Choose a system that complements your lifestyle.

Consider dividing up your closet according to the different types of clothes that you own. You could place your pants and shirts in separate areas.

  1. How to organize small spaces

It is best to deal with small spaces when you are done with other rooms. Spaces that are out of your way can be organized in this stage.

The final step involves areas such as your guest room, laundry room, mudroom and linen closet. If such spaces aren’t tremendously messy, it won’t harm you to make do with some clutter as you streamline other critical areas of your home.

Don’t ignore them for too long though. Organizing them will make your life more efficient. By getting your guest room tidied early enough, having impromptu guests won’t stress you out as they can spend the night easily.

Organizing your linen closet reduces the time you need to trace toiletries and spare towels. In addition, neat laundry rooms eliminate the headache that comes with doing laundry in a disorganized room.