How seasons affect Tenancy cleaning requirement

You cannot always choose the best season to move into new premises. Once your lease is up, or your tenant has given you notice to vacate, or a job transfer has moved you to another town, whatever the season, you will have to move whether you like it or not. With moving comes the challenging task of having to clean your house and leave it in good condition so that you can get your full deposit back. Whether you are moving during the summer, autumn, winter or spring, enlisting the help of a good team of tenancy cleaners from Citi Clean will ensure that the premises you are vacating are left in good condition and allow you to part ways with your landlord on good terms. The following are some cleaning processes that an end of tenancy cleaning team will carry out on your property depending on the season during which you make your move;

1. Winter

During wintertime and if you have a fireplace, you will most probably have been lighting fires to keep warm. If you move during this period, a cleaning team will, in addition to performing other regular cleaning tasks, take out ashes from your fireplace, sweep the chimney and get rid of any debris that may be clogging it up.

2. Spring

If you are moving during the spring, professional cleaners will help you to clean windows that are beginning to thaw from winter, help you to clean the debris out from gutters and check on damage to the exterior of your home so that you can know what repairs will need to be done. Finally, if you so wish, the cleaning team can do a thorough pressure wash of the exterior of the premises in order to get rid of dust and mould.

3. Summer

Summer comes with its own particular cleaning challenges including dust and a proliferation of insects all seeking to make a home on your premises. As you move to another property, an end of tenancy cleaning team will work on the premises you are leaving to get rid of dust and cobwebs, clean windows and remove screens to wipe window tracks, vacuum floors and take carpets out for cleaning, disinfect bathrooms and many others.

4. Autumn

The amount of debris produced by leaves falling and nature generally shedding unnecessary parts in preparation for winter can wreck havoc on gutters, patios, windows and rooftops. If you are moving during this season, a cleaning crew will help to get rid of all this debris and dispose of it properly so that the premises you are leaving are left completely clean upon your departure.

Whatever challenge you are facing while moving during different seasons, an end of tenancy cleaning team has solutions to offer and you should definitely consider enlisting their help in order to ease the stress of cleaning when you have to vacate a property.