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Carpet Cleaning Tips and Advices in London

What is professional carpet cleaning London?

Professional carpet cleaning is normally associated with specific equipment and procedures. For most of you who never had a carpet cleaning service, you will be surprised to find out that it’s not a simple task. Professional carpet cleaner will bring bulky machinery and cleaning detergents designed specifically for cleaning carpets. The most common method associated with professional cleaning is the steam/wet cleaning. Some people call it shampooing, but it’s the same thing. For this method you will need hot-water extractor machine from reputable company such as Prochem and Ashbys. These machines are expensive and it’s not worth it to buy this equipment yourself to clean the carpets on your own. The whole equipment including hoses, tools, and cleaning detergents could cost you up to £4,000. Therefore, it’s much better option to arrange a professional carpet cleaning company to steam clean your carpets.

The carpet cleaning does not end with the hot-water extraction machine only. You will need to perform certain procedures before steam cleaning the carpets. Generally, professional carpet steam cleaning will involve 4 stages. The first stage is to vacuum the carpets deeply using powerful vacuum cleaners such as Henry from Numatic, Miele or Dyson. Then you will need to perform a pre-spray to prepare the carpets for steam cleaning. The third stage is to steam clean the carpets thoroughly everywhere. You can either leave the carpets to dry naturally which will take between 3 to 4 hours depending on humidity or you can use carpet dryer to dry the carpet quicker. Finally, you can apply Scotchgard to protect your carpets.

As you can see, they are at least 4 stages to Professional Carpet Cleaning London. It will require time and the right equipment and detergents to clean the carpets in the right way. You can try to clean your carpets by renting some carpet cleaning equipment from known stores in the UK but note that the results will be nowhere near to that of professional carpet cleaning. Further, be aware that the carpets should be cleaned regularly. If they are very heavily used we would recommend at least once a month to prevent debris and dirt going into your lungs.

Do I need carpet cleaning for my end of tenancy cleaning London?

In most instances, yes. You will need to hire the services of professional carpet cleaning company to come with the right equipment to clean your carpets. This is especially important when you are moving out and preparing the property for an inspection. The end of tenancy carpet cleaning can be arranged either by yourself or you can ask your landlord for recommendations. Please note that it might be cheaper for you to search and source the carpet cleaning company yourself. There are many carpet cleaning companies out there who will provide you with excellent carpet cleaning. Compare few companies ask them for quotes and photos of their recent work. Further, ask the cleaning company what equipment they use and whether is from Prochem or other reputable carpet cleaning supplier.

Please also note that the carpet cleaners will also be able to clean your upholstery. The upholstery will be wet cleaned in similar way to the carpet cleaning. Some properties does not have carpet, but they may require the upholstery to be cleaned such as sofa, armchair, table chairs and curtains. Please ensure that you read this clause in your tenancy agreement and if you have to do this service hire a professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. If you are looking to remove some stains, it might be possible, but be aware that the upholstery is generally much difficult to treat than the carpets. Most stains on sofa, and other upholstery may not come off. As you will spend most of your time in the house on your sofa, it can get quite dirty and if it’s just dirt with no stains, the upholstery steam cleaning could help significantly.

Curtains are also notoriously difficult to clean. Again, here the machine will steam clean the curtains and will remove the dust making them fresh and clean, but don’t expect miracles when it comes down to removing stains. The same applies to table chairs and armchairs. Please note that all stains will be treated with the right chemicals, but no guarantee could be given for 100% stain removal. If your prime concern is to remove stains, when booking the service inform the cleaning company about the nature of the stain, the duration, and the material. This way the cleaning company will come prepared adequately for your needs.

Can you do carpet cleaning yourself?

Of course, you can, but not professionally. Below we will discuss some unconventional carpet cleaning methods, but we don’t think they will be as effective as professional carpet cleaning machines from Prochem or Ashby’s. There are some simple carpet cleaning machines you can buy, which can be used for dry and wet cleaning. In most instances they will do the job nicely depending on the job required and the condition of your carpet. If cleaning and maintaining is not your thing, you may be better off calling professional carpet cleaning company once in a while to clean your carpets.

The small machines that you can buy for home use will need to be used regularly to prevent your carpet becoming neglected and dirty. If you prefer to go this way, please ensure that you wet clean the carpets at least once a month. Don’t be tempted that your carpets look clean. They absorb dust quite significantly and this is not something that is always visible with naked eye. Trust our experience when we say that the carpets need to be vacuumed and wet cleaned on regular basis.

Unconventional carpet cleaning methods

We have discussed some of the most common ways for cleaning your carpets such as steam cleaning, but did you know that you can clean your carpets using non-traditional methods that can be sourced from your home. This natural cleaning methods can be easily done and will cost you nothing.


Yes, that’s right. Using salt to clean your carpets could be one of the most natural way to clean your carpets. The salt contains cleaning agents that will enable your carpets not only to look and feel fresh but also to look unsoiled. Further, the salt can easily absorb dust and other debris. The best way to apply the salt on your carpet and see results is to leave it for at least 30min then sweep the dirt with broom wetted in soap water.

Baking soda

It’s not a secret that soda is used for cleaning and can remove debris as well as bad odours especially from cigarettes. The best way to apply it is to dissolve it in hot water, then spray it over the carpet and the areas you need to work the most. Leave it for 30min and vacuum the treatment area. For those of your who have more time and are not in rush, you can perform the same procedure, but this time leave if overnight.


Borax is a natural mineral that is safe and eco-friendly. Many people prefer to use borax as it’s considered to be one of the best methods to treat a stain and spills such as: wine and coffee. The best way to apply this cleaning detergent is to mix it with salt and vinegar. You should form a paste that would need to be applied to the stain area. Rub it into the carpet fibers and leave it for at least an hour. It should dry completely so that you can vacuum it.

White Vinegar

The white vinegar is another great way to remove tough and stubborn stains. This is normally used in those households with pets. It can be used for refreshing the property and after treatment will keep the carpets look nice and fresh. When you decide to use white vinegar please ensure that you dilute it with water. This will ensure that you will not damage your carpets. Don’t be afraid of the initial strong vinegar smell as this will disappear after the carpets dry.

Vacuum Cleaner

It may sound obvious, but a good vacuum can do a lot to maintain the carpets. Please be aware that frequent vacuuming can keep your carpets clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, for a good vacuum you will need powerful vacuum cleaner, and, in most cases, this will cost you. Average vacuum cleaner for £50 won’t be able to do the job. You will need something more powerful such as Miele, George from Numatic, or Dyson. Please also note that the carpets absorb a lot of dust and debris and regular vacuuming is a must. We would recommend at least 2,3 times a week thorough vacuuming.

Please note that these carpet cleaning methods may not be as effective as professional steam cleaning but may be worth it to try. We can’t take responsibility for advising you on our blog. The information here is to be used as a discussion and should you wish to use these methods it will be on your risk. We know these cleaning methods from our experience, and we have decided to share them with you. We hope this information has been useful