antiviral sanitisation service

What is an Antiviral Sanitisation Service?

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed myriad risks to our lives. There needs to be regular antiviral cleaning around all the spaces we occupy to minimize the spread of the deadly virus. The best way to get rid of the virus in our homes is by hiring professional antiviral sanitization services.

What is Antiviral Sanitization?

All the surfaces we occupy are home to billions of microorganisms. It is important to carry out adequate cleaning to get rid of them to reduce the chances of falling sick. Antiviral sanitization entails:

  • Using disinfectants approved by European standards such as BS EN 1276
  • Using specialized cleaning tools such as gloves, goggles, protective shoes and masks
  • Applying bactericides on surfaces using spray mechanisms or clean towels
  • Considerate and in-depth cleansing of tables, hard floors, control panels, carpets, walls, desks, furniture, cupboards, door handles and kitchen tops.

What If One Has Antiviral Products At Home?

Despite having most essential products at home, one may miss a few spots in the rush to get all cleaning done fast. Here’s why you need professional services:

  • They use state-of-the-art cleansing agents
  • Most of their products are industrial grade cleaners, meaning that they aren’t easily available on the shelves
  • Dangerous microorganisms such as SARS, MRSA, Influenza A, Flu virus, Salmonella, Hepatitis, E. coli and T.B. can be effectively controlled using BS EN 1276 approved products
  • Professional sanitization teams leave no surfaces untouched, unlike home owners who might get exhausted and abandon the cleaning exercise.

Does Antiviral Sanitization Service Kill COVID-19?

Yes, the Coronavirus is successfully killed. The virus is surrounded by a delicate membrane that rapidly reacts to disinfectants and temperature changes. Hot water, an alcohol based sanitizer or soap can destroy the virus before it gets into the body.

This is the basic reason behind the widely advertised solution of regular hand washing. It is important to note that ingesting a disinfecting agent to kill the virus inside the body won’t work. In fact, it is dangerous to one’s health and can lead to fatal injuries.

Safety Concerns

While seeking professional services, opt for eco-friendly solutions. Bio products are made from natural extracts and are hence friendly to pets and children. They are also gentle on delicate surfaces and cotton wool.

Why Most Specialized Teams Prefer Fogging Over Wiping Surfaces

The British Medical Journal reports that tests conducted on traditional wiping show that only 11% of viruses and bacteria are removed through this method. Cleaning in this manner might lead to further spread of microorganisms as they quickly attach to the piece of material used.

Besides, with regular cleaning, most surfaces are likely to be left out of the disinfection process.

Fogging is carried out by a fogging machine. It is filled with a disinfectant which has to be generously sprayed in the air. This method can be used in offices and residential places.

Duration of the Disinfection Process

Depending on the property size, an expert sanitization takes 30 to 90 minutes to completely disinfect all surfaces. The sanitized rooms then need to sit for an hour before they can be accessed.