wool carpet cleaning

Cleaning of Wool Carpets and Silk Rugs

Cleaning your wool carpet is relatively easy. The carpets are resistant to stains meaning that any dirt can be removed using an appropriate cleaning spray and water.

Mud can easily be removed by vacuuming after the carpet has dried.

Liquid spills and stains

Follow these steps to clean liquid spills:

  1. Use a clean cloth, preferably an absorbent one, to soak the liquid that spilled until there is none left in the carpet.

Instead of scrubbing the carpet, blot it. If you scrub, you are likely to damage the wool fibers because the liquid will sink further inside the carpet.

  1. To completely remove the spill, use water or a cleaning spray approved by WoolSafe. Spray the cleaning agent onto the cloth, then use a clean cloth to dab the spill. To speed up the cleaning process, spray the cloth rather than the carpet.

Spraying the carpet will widen and deepen the stain.


Your carpet is likely to gather dirt over time. Dry soil in the form of sand and grit collect at the bottom. These substances tend to damage the fibers if not removed regularly. Vacuuming can efficiently get rid of this type of dirt.

If the dirt is sticky, such as that brought about by air and dirty shoes, it paves way for accumulation of more dirt over time. You might need to call on professional cleaning services to get rid of this type of dirt. Depending on the extent of use, have it cleaned at least once a year.

Cleaning silk rugs

Silk makes excellent rugs. However, the strength of silk fibers decrease by up to 20 percent when exposed to moisture. If you have a silk rug, avoid cleaning it using abrasive methods such as hot water and steam cleaning. It is recommended that you seek professional services to help you clean your silk rug appropriately.

Here are a few tips to prevent accumulation of dirt on your rug:

  1. Removing debris and dust
  • Vacuum silk rugs using a brushless suction head. Avoid using roller and beater brushes because they tend to pull the fiber outs and damage the rug.
  • Use a broom to gently sweep the silk rug to prevent the fibers from getting damaged.
  • Get rid of debris by shaking the rug. This also helps get rid of any odors.
  1. Removing stains
  • Act immediately after spills to prevent stains from getting attached to the fibers.
  • Get rid of solid debris with a spoon. Use a scooping motion, as opposed to a scraping one to prevent the silk fibers from tearing.
  • If spills occur, use a clean cloth to adequately capture all liquid from the carpet. You could even use club soda to get rid of foreign color. Pour it onto a clean cloth then use the cloth to blot the stain. Let the silk rug dry naturally.

Professional wool carpet and silk rug cleaning

Sometimes, it is good to engage a reputable cleaning business to handle your carpets and rugs. They are adequately equipped to clean the materials in ways that won’t damage them but will efficiently get rid of all the dirt. Should you wish to book professional carpet cleaning please click here