kitchen cleaning tips

How to Clean Your Kitchen Efficiently

A question that lingers in the minds of many when it comes to cleaning is where to start. Efficient cleaning methods feature a stepwise plan that covers most or all places that need to be cleaned in a particular room.

The kitchen is a room that receives a lot of attention. Everything that you do here is likely to have an impact on the state of the room once you are done. We hope that this article sheds new light on important steps that you need to take to efficiently clean your kitchen.

Let’s get started.

  1. Empty the decks

Restore all items to their original place. Collect all items that don’t belong to the kitchen and put them in a basket or other container to help you sort them out later. Work till everything is cleared from the decks.

  1. Commence at the sink

Load the dishwasher with all your dirty dishes. Some items such as bowls, dish drainers and large pans need to be soaked first. Treat these by running hot water and soap into a sink then use this solution to soak the above items.

  1. Countertops

Get a general purpose cleaner for this step. Spray the cleaner on top of surfaces until they are coated evenly. Leave the cleaner to do what it does best as you move on with other tasks.

  1. The refrigerator

Get rid of all expired items in your fridge. Soak any dirty containers in the solution you made in the sink earlier.

When your fridge is almost empty, begin cleaning the upper parts as you move down. Spray the general purpose cleaner on a rag then use it to wipe the shelves.

  1. Clean upper regions first

Since you will clean the floor in the end, knock down the dirt from shelves using a duster.

Clean every upper corner of your kitchen, the light fixtures and cabinet tops. Visit the outer surface of your fridge too.

  1. Stovetops

All horizontal surfaces need to be cleaned. For stubborn stains, introduce a little baking soda to lighten the cleaning task.

Take this opportunity to clean the microwave. Soak a sponge in warm water and apply a little soap. This is a good way of cleaning inside the microwave.

  1. Cleaning appliances

You want to avoid using a lot of water while cleaning electrical kitchen appliances. The vertical surfaces are key areas to pay attention to.

Dip a rag in soapy warm water for the purpose of cleaning the front parts of your oven, dishwasher and fridge. Don’t forget to clean the outside edges and handles of appliances.

  1. Wipe down lower cabinets

Dip a rag in soapy warm water to wipe the doors and drawers.

  1. Clean the dishes in your sink

Wash the items that you soaked earlier. Drain and rinse the sink using hot water. If this is not enough, use baking soda to remove any dirt that may have accumulated.

  1. Tend to the floor

Beginning at the furthest corner, sweep the entire floor and use a steam cleaner if necessary. Avoid contaminating your sparkling sink as you clean.

Be sure to relax when done. Please note that we at Citi Clean can provide you with professional end of tenancy cleaning in which we will thoroughly clean your kitchen or you can book a one off cleaning service. Whatever your needs we are here to help.