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End of Tenancy Cleaning during Covid-19

End of tenancy cleaning is a vital condition stipulated in any tenancy agreement. Covid-19 increased the vigour with which the cleaning exercise had to be conducted with. The pandemic has swept many nations around the world forcing increase in cleaning frequency and change in cleaning methods too.

Prospective tenants have put more emphasis on thorough cleaning of the spaces they would want to move in to. This has translated to landlords wanting more from existing tenants that wish to terminate their contracts. Every party wants the environment as sterile as possible. Similarly, builders are expected to put in more effort while carrying out whatever work they are contracted to perform.

These are truly uncertain times and every known step has to be exploited in preparation for dealing with the unknown. Understanding how the pandemic has affected end of tenancy cleaning, it is important to have a base of what the virus is.

What is Covid-19 virus?

Despite speculations into the virus back in December 2019, it swept the globe at the beginning of the year 2020 in just a matter of weeks. By the time we were welcoming the month of March, many countries around the globe had started to feel the scorch of the situation. Most went on lockdowns that left only essential service providers running.

Since then, people have been facing personal health issues head on. There has been an increase in scrambling to ensure that all dwelling places and business premises are protected from the deadly virus.

There is real danger in the virus itself, and then some more when we consider the ease with which it spreads from one point to another. At some point, major towns started imposing mini lockdowns on themselves because the virus was spreading faster there.

The symptoms of the disease include difficulty in breathing, coughing and high temperatures among others. Determining the fate of an infected person isn’t easy. Some show very mild signs while others do not manifest any symptoms of the disease. Nevertheless, cases of deteriorating patients have been reported. These patients are required to seek medical help as they are at high risk of suffering from acute organ failure. We are not experts on Covid-19 and the information here is derived from the internet.

Every space that we occupy has to be subjected to thorough cleaning. It is important to undertake all recommended cleaning activities that inhibit the spread of the virus. One of the sure methods of dealing with it is through end of tenancy cleaning. The end of Tenancy Cleaning is a thorough cleaning service in which all areas in the property will be cleaned and disinfected.

How end of tenancy inhibits spread of Covid-19

This is the process of cleaning each and every component within a household as part of fulfilling the end of tenancy agreement or after remodelling and repairs. Surfaces such as window sills, walls and skirting boards get to be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt leaving them in crisp condition.

With this exercise, there is assurance that all surfaces are sterile and clean. These high standards of cleaning eliminate the virus completely and inhibit further spread. One might have come into contact with the virus and deposited it on say, some part of the staircase. Please visit our Antiviral Sanitisation page should you be interested in disinfecting your property.