move out cleaning

What is move out cleaning London

What is a move out cleaning? This is a question that many tenants ask themselves and there’s hardly any information available. Some people are not familiar with the term end of tenancy cleaning and immediately assume that they need move out cleaning when they leave the rented premises. Don’t worry both services are similar in nature and would require similar tasks to be completed. The cost for both services will also be the same or similar. You will need to ensure that the cleaning company will provide you with insurance, cleaning guarantee of at least 72h and cleaning checklist to which the cleaners will adhere in providing the service. There are plenty of companies out there and by simple Google search you will be able to find plenty of choices.

Move out cleaning vs End of Tenancy Cleaning

We are often asked to define the difference between move out cleaning and an end of tenancy cleaning. In practice, both services are similar in nature. It would require similar time for completion with identical tasks to be performed. From our experience in move out cleaning is generally appointed by landlords without the need for an inventory inspector. Whereas the end of tenancy cleaning is normally checked at the end by independent inventory inspector. This does not mean that move out cleaning is less important than the end of tenancy cleaning. On the contrary it could be at times even more demanding service as some landlords check the property even more extensively than an inventory clerk.

Tenants are often confused between these terms and not sure what to book. Don’t worry if you book either the property will be left spotless. When you move out you are generally required to clean the property professionally, hence the terms move out cleaning. Therefore, if you book move out cleaning it will be the same type of service as an end of tenancy cleaning. In move out cleaning you still have to clean all kitchen appliances such as the oven, cooker, extractor fan, fridge, freezer etc.

The bathrooms will need descaling and all the dust should be removed from surfaces. Therefore, don’t be surprised to find out that the cost for both services will be the same as similar tasks will be performed. Please ensure that the cleaning company will provide you with a guarantee for your move out cleaning as some companies provide a guarantee only for an end of tenancy cleaning.

One off cleaning vs End of Tenancy Cleaning

One off cleaning is another type of service people sometimes confuse with an end of tenancy cleaning. In this service the cleaners will perform similar tasks such as cleaning the property from top to bottom, but generally one off cleaning is appointed by someone who is looking for a deep clean which is not necessarily linked with moving out the property. Some people prefer to clean their property thoroughly once in a while and engage one off cleaning service.

In an essence this is exactly what a one off cleaning service means. To hire cleaners not on regular basis and without signing a contract. It’s very convenient service for many customers since you are not tied into a contract and you can hire cleaners any time/day that suit you. The downside of this service is the price. It’s generally similar cost to an end of tenancy cleaning which is quite costly service.

If you are going to book one off cleaning service ensure that the cleaners will bring all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the job. This will save you some money by not having to provide cleaning materials. Further, ask for the cleaning company cleaning checklist and ensure it’s quite comprehensive. It should include cleaning the oven, removing limescale from bathroom and taps, dusting and mopping the floors. Ensure that the cleaners are insured should any damages occur. We would also advice you to schedule an appointment in the middle of the month as generally cleaning companies are quite busy at the beginning and at the end of the month.

Move out cleaning prices London

Don’t be surprised to find out that the move out cleaning prices are similar to an end of tenancy cleaning. The service is almost identical to an end of tenancy cleaning hence the similarity in pricing. The move out cleaning prices will be determined by many factors similar to the end of tenancy cleaning. Factors such as property size, location, availability, will determine the move out cleaning price. Please see below average move out cleaning prices in London:

1 bedroom flat – from £130

2 bedroom flat – from £140

3 bedroom flat – from £170

4 bedroom flat – from £190

Please note that the above prices does not include any additional services such as carpet cleaning. To be able to obtain prices for carpet cleaning you will need to contact the cleaning company and provide them information on the carpet cleaning so that you can be quoted accordingly. Please note that the carpet cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning may significantly increase the overall cost for the service. We at Citi Clean have been providing professional move out cleaning services for nearly a decade now and are well aware of the requirements. You can engage our services 7 days a week including bank holidays. To receive free no obligation quote, simply call our friendly team today. We’ll are looking forward to provide you with an excellent service.